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Invisible Records

  • Ammer Einheit * Odysseus 7:Radio Space Opera CD
    (INV118) due April 7
    Odysseus 7, the radio space opera, premeired April 19, 1997 at Munich's Marstall and was simultaneously broadcast live across Germany. Creating a number of sonic environments from the ancient world to the future, and drawing from both astronomy and poetry, Odysseus 7 presents the history of outer space in the style of an acoustic road movie. Fiction seems far away, we are surrounded by technology and music, above us a sky full of frequencies.
  • Dead Voices On Air * Piss Frond 2xCD
    (INV120) due April 21
    Continuing to eschew the use of samplers and sequencers, this new double album again prominently features Spybey's eccentric collection of ethnic instruments and childrens toys. Piss Frond is testament to Spybey's belief in the possibility for music to straddle the limitations of musical genres.

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    Mute Liberation Technologies

    Apologies, but Mute Liberation Technologies -- while being an extremely active and busy company -- has failed to announce the impending release of any recordings appropriate for this list.

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    World Serpent Distribution

  • Coil * Moon's Milk LTD 7"/CD
    This release is the first in a series of four from Coil to celebrate the solstices and will only be on sale from the moment of the said solstices. The 7" singles will all be limited to 1000 copies only and then no more. The CD version will be available only during the actual solstice and then deleted.
  • Sol Invictus * In Europa CD (TURSA016)
    This release is taken from the vpro radio station amsterdam and is made up of live and studio recordings of all your sol favourites. The cd also contains two brand new sol tracks: paths and time to meet the king. Paths was recorded especially for the amsterdam session and time to meet the king was recorded at the sessions for the blade album. This release is 64 minutes long and contains 18 tracks. The limited edition comes in a cardboard slipcase and is numbered and limited to 1000.
  • Legendary Pink Dots * Chemical Playschool 3/4 CD (TEKA 945)
    Vol. 3&4 was originally recorded as a limited edition cassette only release in 1983 and was limited to only 83 copies. It has been reissued a number of times on cassette format since it's inception in 1983 but never on cd. All issues have been unavailable for a number of years and very hard to track down. World Serpent and TLPD have got together to give it the cd release it so rightly deserves. The CD has been re-edited and digitally remastered . The artwork is by none other than Steven Stapleton from Nurse With Wound. The cd contains 30 tracks and is a double cd.
  • Pablo & Paula Guarderas * Feeling The Cold CD
    Feeling The Cold is the first release from artist couple P&P Guarderas on the Denova Dacapo label run by Mark Ellis from Elijah's Mantle. P&P are photographic artists from deepest Spain who have produced one of the finest classical music releases in a long time. Their love of the music of Spain combined with their wide knowledge of the classical scene combine to give us a truly original piece of work. Ellis came across them in a remote Spanish town while researching his passion for religious knowledge. He immediately fell in love with their unique and original approach to music and so did the thrice headed Serpent.

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    Other Labels


  • In The Nursery are currently in the studio preparing material for their next studio album entitled Lingua (corp019), scheduled for release April 1998. The album examines language - its development, phonetic styles along with our understanding and use of words. The new works will incorporate a whole selection of worldwide vocal collaborations & contributions including Japanese, Hispanic, native Mexican, Friulano (an ancient Italian dialect) and Yugoslavian.
  • due 1998 -- Special North American re-issue of Anatomy Of A Poet (corp 012) includes tracks from the Hallucinations? CD single plus an extra Colin Wilson collaboration from the period November Trees - previously unreleased.
  • due 1998 -- Re-issue of Sense (corp 018) contains a new version of Blue Religion (No Confession Mix) by 'Lunatic Eclipse' plus an extra ambient mix Solitude which was originally adapted for the film 'An Ambush Of Ghosts' and previously un-released.

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  • While Phil is at work creating dark soundscapes for the Form/Alkaline side-project and for the next Scar Tissue releases, Steve is engaged in a frenzy of DAT trading with other artists. We are collecting remixes of Scar Tissue material for a CD-EP of remixes, unreleased tracks, and live shit, tentatively scheduled for a March '98 release. Look for the 3rd full-length Scar Tissue CD to be out sometime around July 1998.

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